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Brainstorming Meeting

Taj Al-Safa Real Estate Development Company held the second brainstorming session, which was decided to be held monthly between the Board of Directors and its employees, with the aim of sharing creative ideas and listening to different points of view, through which we seek to develop the company in all aspects, whether administrative or engineering, where each employee spoke about his opinion of the company and its management and put forward A new creative idea, as it included a large part of the employees’ ideas about future plans, creative projects, and new systems on a global level, and the possibility of adding them to the upcoming projects of Taj Al-Safa Company, which will bring about a quantum leap in the world of real estate development at the level of the Kingdom.

The employees also made suggestions regarding the company’s internal system and adding laws that make it easier for them to work and ensure a healthy work environment that helps them innovate, increase production and achieve the company’s future vision.

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