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A brainstorming session was held between the Board of Directors and the employees of Taj Al Safa Real Estate Development Company

A brainstorming session was held between the Board of Directors and the employees of Taj Al Safa Real Estate Development Company, with the aim of exchanging creative ideas for the development of the company and talking about future projects and plans, where each employee from each department presented a new and creative idea to the whole team.
All ideas were listened-to carefully by the entire team, and the door to the discussion was opened for the possibility of studying and applying them in the near future.

The team showed a great deal of awareness and creativity with their ideas, as the engineering team presented creative ideas and plans in the field of construction, introducing everything new and international, and putting forward new proposals for future projects. As for the marketing department team, it presented several ideas for making marketing plans and keeping pace with developments in the field of marketing to spread more awareness of the brand through creativity in modern marketing methods.
As for the sales department, it also put forward new ideas and plans to keep pace with the development of modern sales foundations and creativity in sales methods, presenting the company’s projects to clients in innovative ways, and other departments.

The Board of Directors also participated in presenting creative ideas aimed at developing the company by providing job security, offering incentives to employees, and rewarding everyone who shows mastery and creativity in his field of work.

During the brainstorming session, the Board of Directors decided to discuss each idea and write down what can be studied and applied on the ground.

Taj Al-Safa Company is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development and was established in 2014, headed by the CEO, Mr. Qahtan Al-Shaher, which derives its development from investing in its employees.
And listening to their ideas, considering that each individual is an active and influential member of the company and collective decisions are taken by the entire team and not individual at all, as it always motivates to work in one team spirit and believes in the saying “teamwork can be summed up in five short words, we believe in each other’s capabilities.”

-BrainStorming Meeting-


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