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A cooperation contract between Taj Al-Safa Real Estate Development Company, Al-Mutajadedoun for Import and Export

Taj Al-Safa Company has cooperated with Al-Mutajaddoon Company for Import and Export to execute doors, kitchens, and interior decorations works in the Umm Uthaina project, one of the projects of Taj Al-Safa Company. Also, Al-Mutajaddoon Company has expressed its full readiness to carry out this work because of its extensive experience in this field due to its possession of equipment, machinery, and means of transportation. The necessary implementation will be according to what has been agreed upon under the supervision of a specialized engineer appointed by Taj Al-Safa Company for this purpose.
Taj Al-Safa Real Estate Development Company is keen to establish projects that keep pace with the development in the field of local and international construction, while it is keen to choose the companies that conclude cooperation agreements and partnerships between them carefully and accurately, in order to ensure that they remain within their well-known level in the quality of construction and the materials used in it.
In conclusion, the Umm Uthaina project is one of the important projects of Taj Al-Safa Company, because it is the only project of its kind in the Middle East region in terms of designing according to the global tower system, and additions that are an applied example of the idea of a smart home according to all the advanced technological systems provided with the project to enjoy the life you desire.
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