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Signing a cooperation agreement between Taj Al-Safa Real Estate Development Company and the United Pioneering Business “UPB”

An agreement for the sale of underfloor heating systems was concluded between Taj Al Safa Real Estate Development Company and the United Pioneering Business Company for Trade and Investment, which is a limited liability company.
The agreement aims to supply materials for underfloor heating systems and equipment for the Taj Al-Safa Company project in the prince Rashid suburb area. The materials are supplied according to the engineering plans according to the project’s needs. The pioneering business company will supply the goods and supervise the installation of underfloor heating works. Its warranty extends for 50 years and is of the Emmeti type. And it contains a leakage alarm that disconnects directly from the main cutter to provide a high degree of protection and safety. Also, the gas is supplied through a main tank and is calculated by a monthly bill with its own meter. This is one of the many agreements that Taj Al-Safa Company has recently concluded with major companies with the aim of supplying materials. And Equipment is one of the largest brands in building materials on a global level to turn imagination into reality to live in harmony in a world that inspires you
Taj Al Safa Real Estate Development Company is always proud to be distinguished and creative in real estate development, and we care about the smallest details in construction and finishing in all facilities.
All projects of Taj Al Safa Real Estate Development Company are subject to tests
Which provides high-quality engineering evaluation reports so that we remain in the first ranks and at the forefront in terms of building quality to provide building rank
An aesthetic icon characterized by creativity and excellence.
The Prince Rashid Suburb project is characterized by a distinguished location and high specifications, as we were keen on designing it to provide the latest means of development and safety that you have always dreamed of, and in order to raise the level that suits you with its unique finishes in the region, which touches modernity and tradition in the art of construction.
As Taj Al-Safa Real Estate Development Company seeks leadership and excellence by providing the best, it is proud of passing the ISO standards and being the first real estate development company to obtain the ISO certificate in Jordan, as its projects are considered the first of their kind in Jordan in terms of finishes and luxury that are designed for you. Own your property from Taj Al-Safa Real Estate Development Luxury living in every corner.

United Pioneering Buisness (

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