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Fleifel Corporation

A joint cooperation contract between Taj Al Safa Real Estate Development Company and Heating, Air Conditioning, and Sanitary Ware Company
In order for us to provide all the tools that your real estate needs and to be at the highest level of high quality, Taj Al Safa Real Estate Development Company and the Heating, Air Conditioning and Sanitary Ware Company (Fleifel) held joint cooperation with the aim of supplying, installing and operating central air conditioning devices and equipment (INTERPLAST), which is a specialized and licensed company working in the field of Supplying, selling and distributing heating and air-conditioning devices and sanitary ware in a modern way to allow you to get comfort and it will be available in the existing projects in the Umm Uthaina area and the other project in the Shmeisani area. Modern in the so-called smart house, and also in terms of the quality of the materials used such as the multiple stages of isolation and others, innovative solutions were found for all construction problems in the region and out of the ordinary, where, as always, Taj Al Safa Real Estate Development Company is to be the forerunner in the field of real estate development, including all stages Construction from the beginning of the establishment until the final delivery of the project.
This agreement is one of several agreements concluded by Taj Al-Safa Company to be at the forefront in all fields, including administrative and technical, to be always distinguished in all fields, the most important of which are agreements with major local and international companies and their approval for the supply of materials throughout the construction period to ensure high quality in all its residential and commercial projects. Recently, it has been awarded the ISO certificate in the field of real estate development, and all its projects are subject to building rank tests, which provide high-quality engineering evaluation reports based on ASTM international standards.
Taj Al-Safa Real Estate Development was founded in 2014. It is a company that specialized in constructing and selling residential units and commercial resorts. Its projects are in the most prestigious neighborhoods of West Amman. It is characterized by luxurious design, professionalism in implementation, and keeping pace with future development in the field of construction.
Taj Al Safa Real Estate Development is your perfect guide to innovative designs full of life!
We are waiting for your communication to start together a story entitled possessing creativity and Excellence.
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